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    National warehouse

    Tax Warehouse for exportation and importation tasks

    Transportation and distribution

    Transfer plant of grains

    Cooling warehouse

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Cooling Warehouse for frozen and chilled products.
Tax Warehouse for exportation and importation tasks
National warehouse for all type of products.
Transportation and distribution in Argentina and the world.
Containers yard.
Transfer plant of grains



Years of experience


Logistical centers


Places for frozen products


Places for chilled products


Places for dry products


Container energy plugs


Loading docks


Places for containers


Barracas local habilitation
Pacheco I local habilitation Nº 0024916

Logistic operator, storage of goods, cooling chamber, logistic operator of drugs, container operator, tax warehouse.

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Pacheco II local habilitation Nº 00033882

Warehouse of general goods and IMO (Goods consigned by International Maritime Organization), storage of general goods and IMO, container operator, tax warehouse.

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Pacheco III local habilitation Nº 00050707
RNE - National register of establishments
D&B D-U-N-S RegisteredTM
Single registration of operators in the food/grain chain. Operator Nº 018632

Warehouse operator and/or grain elevator from 2001 up to 5000 tons.

Single registration of operators in the food/dairy chain. Operator Nº 018632

Dairy storage for preservation and maturation

Single registration of operators in the food/meat chain. Operator Nº 018632

Cooling chamber

Official Register Nº 4704/ RED
  • XXXIII - Cooling chamber for third parties/meat and dairy products.
  • XXXIII-6 - Chilled warehouse for fresh and frozen fish and seafood.
  • XXXV - Warehouse of birds, eggs.
  • XXX - Warehouse for meat products (not cold).
  • XXXI-2 - Warehouse of inedible flours.
  • LXII - Importation of hens, chickens and birds in general.
  • LXIV - Importation of pork meat.
  • Dairy technology groups and subgroups. No. 17.3/ 17.2/ 17.1/ 17 - chilled Warehouse, frozen and non-chilled dairy products (milk powder, whey powder, milk protein concentrate powder, UAT milk, dulce de leche) national and international trade.
Official Establishment No. B-I-04704-D/ Dairys

Dairy, frozen/chilled and non-refrigerated products.

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Official Register RPTC-060/ GREEN
  • Frozen perishables. Non-perishable (dry cargo). Fresh fruit (citrus, pome and fine). Wooden packaging.
Official RPTC-136/GREEN Registration
  • Granary products. Products, sub-products and derivatives of vegetable origin. Non-perishable (dry cargo). Fresh fruit. Wooden packaging. Products, sub-products and derivatives of animal origin. Frozen and chilled perishable products.
Warehouse enabled by resolution 58/01 and amendments

Transportation of meat products to zones A, B and Patagonia South.

Export destinations authorized by SENASA - Red
Unión Europea:
  • Carne bovina enfriada y congelada.
  • Menudencias bovinas y ovinas congeladas.
  • Carne aviar enfriada y congelada.
  • Carne ovina enfriada y congelada.
  • Carne equina.
  • Carne caprina enfriada y congelada.
  • Carnes y menudencias aviares, bovinas, caprinas, ovinas, equinas y porcinas, enfriadas y congeladas.
  • Productos lácteos.
  • Carne y menudencias bovina S/Hueso congeladas.
  • Productos pesqueros.
  • Carnes y menudencias ovinas, bovinas, caprinas, aviares y equinas enfriadas o congeladas.
  • Depósito seco para conservas de origen animal.
  • Depósito de harinas incomestibles.
  • Carne bovina, ovina y caprina c/s hueso enfriada y/o congelada.
  • Carne y menudencias aviares.
  • Pescados y mariscos.
  • Harinas incomestibles de origen animal.
  • Carne bovina enfriada y congelada.
  • Carne aviar enfriada y congelada.
  • Carnes y menudencias bovinas.
  • Carnes y menudencias porcinas.
  • Carne y menudencias aviares.
  • Carne y menudencias aviares enfriadas y congeladas.
  • Carne y menudencias bovinas enfriadas y congeladas.
  • Carnes y menudencias bovinas y aviares, enfriadas y congeladas.
  • Carne y menudencias aviares y bovinas, enfriadas y congeladas.
  • Carnes y menudencias bovinas y aviares congeladas.
  • Carne y/o menudencias bovinas, ovinas, caprinas, porcinas, aviares enfriadas o congeladas.
  • Carnes y menudencias aviares, enfriadas y congeladas.
Guinea Ecuatorial:
  • Carnes y menudencias bovinas y aviares, enfriadas y congeladas.
  • Carnes y menudencias bovinas y aviares, enfriadas y congeladas.
Hong Kong:
  • Carne y menudencias bovina y porcinas, enfriadas y congeladas.
  • Carne aviar y ovina c/s Hueso enfriada y congelada.
  • Pescados y mariscos.
  • Hamburguesas.
  • Carnes bovinas, ovinas, caprinas, equinas y aviares enfriadas y congeladas.
  • Carnes y menudencias aviares enfriadas y congeladas.
  • Carnes y menudencias bovinas y aviares congeladas.
  • Carnes y menudencias bovinas y aviares, enfriadas y congeladas.
  • Carne bovina, ovina, caprina, aviar y menudencias bovinas congeladas.
Republica Congo:
  • Carne y menudencias aviares, bovina, porcinas, enfriadas y congeladas.
República Democcrática del Congo:
  • Carnes y menudencias bovinas y aviares congeladas.
  • Carne y menudencias bovina S/hueso, enfriadas y Congeladas.
  • Carne equina S/Hueso congelada.
  • Carne y menudencia aviar, enfriada y congelada.
  • Productos de la pesca.
  • Productos pesqueros.
  • Carnes y menudencias aviares congeladas.
Export destinations authorized by SENASA - Green
  • Manzana, pera y membrillo.
Estados unidos:
  • Arándanos, pera, manzana y cereza.
  • Cítricos dulces.
  • Cítricos dulces.
Unión Europea:
  • Fruta fresca.
3º Países:
  • Granos (Incluye maní).


Since 1990, MDODERO CGS SA has provided tax warehousing services. It was initially in Barracas City, Capital Federal of Argentina, with 6900m2 of warehouse space with cooling warehouse.

The growth in our client’s portfolio has led us to broaden our services portfolio, and so too, our building infrastructure.

In 2010 we opened a new 20.000m2 warehouse in Gral Pacheco City and in 2013, a new 40.000m2 warehouse next to the last warehouse called Pacheco II.

The warehouses have the tax authorizations for exportation and importation tasks. Ours have storage shelving for dry products and nine different cooling warehouses for chilled and frozen products too.

The increase in the volume of importation task gave us the opportunity to expand our services and we have at our disposition a 7000m2 national warehouse for dry products.

In 2015, MDodero opened the transfer plant of grains with four silos and 40 containers task consolidation per day of productivity.

throughout three decades of experience, we continue searching for excellence and business growth, accompanying each of our clients.

Opening of frozen static tunnels and cooling warehouse number 9.

A new area of 1200m2 opens specially developed for meat products, distributed in a new cooling warehouse next to 4 static tunnels, 30 tons each. This new zone allows faster freezing of products and a wide area for preparation.

Opening of cooling warehouse number 7 and 8.

Two new warehouses open for chilled products of 2000m2.

Opening of battery room for electrical machines.

A 200m2 battery room opens in Pacheco I warehouse inside the controlled temperature zone.

Launch of grains transfer plant.

The transfer plant of grains launches in Pacheco II Warehouse.

Opening of Pacheco II warehouse.

A new 40.000M2 warehouse opens next to the last, called Pacheco II.

Opening of Pacheco I warehouse.

Our 20.000m2 warehouse opens in Pacheco city.

Creation of M. Dodero compañía general de servicios.

The initial activity develops through consolidation tasks of containers for export, distribution and national warehousing.

Mission and Vision

The success of our company based on the compromise of all employees of MDodero like main protagonists.


Our mission is to offer integral logistics services in order to meet the needs and expectations of our clients, applying technology and respecting the environment.

Our vision

Our vision is to be recognized as a leading company in our area, with vocation of service and constant overcoming of challenges, formed by qualified professionals working as a team with our clients.

Quality policy

The success of this policy is based on the compromise of all MDodero’s employees as main protagonists.


MDodero is an specialized company in logistic processes, distribution and warehousing of food and non-food products for national or international market. The main objective is meeting the needs of the client and the traceability of the product, guaranteeing if it corresponds, food safety.


  • Ensure, train and motivate the employees to achieve a continued advance.

  • Comply with the current legislation applicable to our activity.

  • Improve continuously the efficiency and the quality of our services.

  • Ensure safety of stock in our logistical centers.

Social business responsibility

In MDodero we are conscious of the importance of building a fairer, inclusive and equitable society. For this reason, since our beginnings, we have generated social responsibility practices, assuming the commitments with the environmental cause and the development of the communities that we are part of.

One of our more relevant commitments is with Banco de Alimentos Foundation (FBA) that distributes food to more than 600 Argentinian ONGs and thus, they need a lot of extra space to stock increasing donations.

We want to continue building the Dodero legacy through the permanent search of innovation and excellence, thinking not just of who we are today, but also of the next generations.

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Pacheco warehouse

Pacheco address

José Ingenieros 2222 - B1618ESD, Ricardo Rojas, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Como Llegar

Pacheco telephone

+54 11 3220 1792

Barracas warehouse

Barracas address

Alfredo Palacios 1339 - C1296AAA, CABA, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Como Llegar

Barracas telephone

+54 11 3220 4340